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      That girl! she said. A girl from the wilds; a nobody; a vulgar parvenue! Her hands were clinched to her side; her breath came fast; her blue eyes flashed like fire.

      Her husband looked at her heart-brokenly. Weak and tired. Yes; there were all the signs of failing life in those languid movements of the long, slender limbs, in the transparent pallor of the ethereal countenance. Decay was lovely in this fair young form; but he felt that it was decay. There must be something done to stop Misfortune's hastening feet.

      Lady Wyndover stared at her.

      What are you about yourself? I am a police officer, and I arrest you in the Kings name as a criminal.

      "A thousand miles is not far for the Vendetta, Miss Leland. She would make light of crossing the Pacificfor a worthy motive."

      The long night was over; and the sun was high. It seemed as if they were sailing over a summer sea, and through the scuttle port she saw a little foreign town nestling under the shelter of pine-clad hills.Flicit recovered, and went to Spa, and to travel in Belgium. After her return, as she was walking one day in the Palais Royal gardens, she met a young girl with a woman of seven or eight and thirty, who stopped and gazed at her with an earnest look. Suddenly she exclaimed


      Tho odour of tobacco stole on the evening air, and they heard Martin's firm tread approaching along the gravel path.


      They walked into Fowey by that pathway which Isola had trodden so often in the year that was gonenot always alone. The pleasure steamer was waiting in the little haven, where the two rivers part under the cloven hills. Out seaward the air blew fresh and free, and the spray was dashing up against the rocks, and Polruan's grey roofs were wrapped in morning shadows while Fowey laughed in the sunshine.


      My dear boy, I know exactly what you feel. I have been through the fire. But I have drawn back in time. I know, when I speak of marrying, your thoughts, your heart at once fly to Ada Lancing.