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      "May God bring me face to face with that ruffian who imposed upon your helplessness!" cried Martin Disney.

      "If you can!" he repeated, with a deep tender intonation,"oh, Carice! it must be a heavy sorrow indeed that you cannot console!"

      "I do not know," responded Astra drearily, shaking her head. "I have not your singular depth and simplicity of vision, in spiritual things."

      She drew herself up a little, as if in protest against his pertinacity.

      "Is it at midnightin the gloamingin the chill, mysterious dawn? You won't answer! Shall I guess? If you are like me, it is in broad daylightbetween two and three in the afternoonwhen the servants are all idling after their dinner, and the house is silent. You are alone in a big, bright room, perhaps, with another room opening out of it, and a door a long way off. You sit writing at your table, and you feel all at once that the room is hauntedthere must be something or some one stealing in at that remotest door. You daren't look round. You go to the window and look out into garden or streetfor a town house may be just as ghastly as a country oneand then with a great effort you turn slowly round and face your terror, in the broad, garish sunlight, in the business hours of the day. There is nothing there, of course; but the feeling has not been the less vivid. I know I shall be spectre-haunted at the Mount. You must all come and scare away the shadows. Mr. Colfox, are you fond of billiards?""I like to believe in ghosts," said Isola, gently. "But I thank God those that I love are still in this life."


      ?ΝΑΓΚΗ.Hubert Arling immediately recognized the fugitive, and hastened after him. Arrived at the brink of the excavation, he was amazed to find that Doctor Remy was nowhere in sight, although it seemed incredible that he could have traversed the sandy chasm so quickly. Nothing daunted, however, Hubert leaped the precipice, half-burying himself in the soft sand at the bottom, struggled across, climbed the opposite banktaking much more time, it seemed to him, than his predecessor had doneand plunged into the wood beyond. Here, he soon found that all the odds were against him; the underbrush was thick, the wood was soon merged in a dense juniper swamp; the twilight was deepening; a hundred men might easily elude his single search. It was necessary to go back and obtain organized assistance.


      But, to Doctor Remy, paying an unwilling tribute to public opinion by showing himself at church, on this morning, after many weeks of absence, and leaving it to be inferred that, but for his professional duties, he would be seen there regularly; to Miss Ferrars, mingling solemn words of confession and penitence with frivolous thoughts of dress and gossip; to Dick Causton, slinking shame-facedly into the rear pew, to listen to the conclusion of the sweet, old, familiar hymn, the first sounds of which had fallen enticingly upon his ear, as he was staggering up the street;to these, and many others like them, doubtless, Sunday brought only present irksomeness and future condemnation.