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      Chapter 9

      "Now, Dr. Haenlingen" Rogier, Metals chairman and head of the meeting, began.

      "Let the drapes give us away," the girl said. "We're entitled to have quiet little gatherings, right? And who knows what goes on behind the drapes?"

      "Where's Naomi?"She could scarcely frame the homely words. For some unaccountable reason she felt afraid, felt like some poor creature in a trap.

      Cadnan made a guess. "The trees make the sound."

      At Odiam dinner was waiting. It was a generous meal, which combined the good things of this world with the right amount of funereal state. Several of the neighbours had been invited, and the housewife wished to do them honour, knowing that her table boasted luxuries not to be found at other farmsa bottle of French wine, for instance, which though nobody touched it, gave distinction to the prevalent ale, and one or two light puddings, appealing to the eye as well as to the palate. As soon as the meal was over and the guests had gone, Reuben took himself off, and did not reappear till supper-time.