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      She did not turn to greet him with a smile, but stood quite still, quite motionless."You mean, do you not? that I've no right to say what can only distress you."

      Esmeralda was getting almost tired of being surprised, and she looked at the appointments of the room, the table, with its snowy damask and glass and silver, amidst which the hot-house flowers seemed to be growing; at the two footmen, who moved to and fro noiselessly, and had handed the dishes as if they were automatons, with a kind of dull wonder.

      The sparkling girl laughed: "Why, isn't that--with due modifications--just what we're here for?"

      "Yes, I know, 'twas hers."


      Suddenly he laughed: "Now I know what I am! Miss Flora, I--I wish you'd be my pilot."And you, of course? said Trafford.


      Her emotion seemed touching and charming to him. Notwithstanding all the adulation she had received, she was still a simple, tender-hearted girl, this bride-elect of his. He could not help thinking that Ada Lancing, however she might have valued the gift, would never have dreamed of wearing it on her wedding-day.Trafford sat in a corner of the smoking-room moodily smoking for half an hour; then, as if unable to remain quiet for a longer period, got up and wandered out again. Esmeralda was never absent from his mind for a moment, and as he strode along the deserted paths under the trees in the park, he asked himself how he could best begin the search. An advertisement in the papers would be of no avail, even if she saw it; the private detective was not to be thought of for a moment. He did not know where to look for herand Norman.