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      "Oh, Captain Kincaid, how could you?"All the boyish lawlessness of his nature rose into his eyes, and a boy's tears with it. "The minister!" he retorted to Constance and his grandmother, "the minister be--Oh, Captain, don't wait for him! Have the thing without a minister!"

      At the young girls movement a flood of joy swept through Callippides heart, and he became even happier when he fancied he read good-will in the look with which Melitta gazed at him.

      She went to a box and began turning out the things hurriedly.

      What a lovely morning! he said. His voice was grave and weary, though he tried to make it light, and she had noticed that he was pale and haggard.

      "And had it really," the three home-returning fair ones asked, "seemed so desolate and deadly perilous just for want of them? What!--had seemed so even to stalwart Tom?--and Scipio?--and Habakkuk? And were Hettie and Dilsie actually so in terror of the Yankees?"


      Byssa uttered a shriek of joy that echoed from cliff to cliff as, with outstretched arms and fluttering hair, she flew to meet her husband."Ah, Gnral, yo' moze ob-edient! Never less al-lone then when al-lone? 'T is the way with myseff--"




      Madame, very angry, smiled from it to Flora: "Oh, thou love's fool! not to steal that and leave the knife, with which, luckily! now that you have it, you dare not strike!"