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      God bless you, my dear! he said; and as obeying an[148] impulse, she knelt by his chair, and he laid his hand on her head. God bless you! he repeated.

      "Will you let me go with you? I should like to see if I recognize any old acquaintance around the place; and if I do, to give him a friendly warning to take care not to be seen there again. I happen to know that the premises are now under constant surveillance, as a suspected depository of stolen goods, and that the police are meditating a descent upon them in a day or two."

      I was right! she said. I knew that if you got her down to Belfayre you would succeed. Did you find it difficult?Her eyes met his for a moment, then looked away.

      I am the guilty one, dear Lady Wyndover, he murmured in his low, clear voice. I obtained possession of your treasure on false pretenses, and have been doing my best to make her forget that I promised to take her to you. I restore her now, with tears, but with the hope that you will not take her from me altogether.

      "You don't mean me to think that you believe in ghosts?" asked Isola, deeply interested.


      I couldnt do it! he said. Id rather stop here till I died!Yes, she was better, gayer, and more activemore like the girl-wife whom Martin Disney had carried home to[Pg 226] Cornwall, prouder than Tristram when he sailed away with Irish Isolt.