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      They were both awake by this time, and looked around in amazement.

      Si Being Worked for a 'good Thing.' 175It happened that this lot was one of extra quality as to hardness. The baker's watch had stopped, or he had gone to sleep, and they had been left in the oven or dry-kiln too long. Si took one of them and carried it to his mouth. He first tried on it the bite which made such havoc with a quarter section of custard pie, but his incisors made no more impression upon it than if it had been a shingle.

      Let me briefly give you four reasons."'What are you doing here, anyway?' he asked as he gathered up the pins unt put them in a pasteboard box.



      "Well, Shorty, I ain't going to tell my folks; it 'd jest make my mother feel awful to know I was that way. And sister Maria, and"


      "Sure of that?" said the Colonel alertly.