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      "I want him found."

      But she knew from the timbre of his voice, from his arms, from the adoring droop of his head, and was content.

      Pendleton was already at the door of the room. "Are you going to take him single-handed?" queried Pen.

      "If you gave yourself up you'd be playing directly into Riever's hands."

      "I don't go back on my promises," he muttered.

      [811] See ante, p. 31.


      Light Infantry 400 Oh, receive my soul at last."


      In the afternoon the ships opened fire, while the troops entered the boats and rowed up and down as if looking for a landing-place. It was but a feint of Wolfe to deceive Bougainville as to his real design. A heavy easterly rain set in on the next morning, and lasted two days without respite. All operations were suspended, and the men suffered greatly in the crowded transports. Half of them were therefore landed on the south shore, where they made their quarters in the village of St. Nicolas, refreshed themselves, and dried their wet clothing, knapsacks, and blankets.Pen saw that she would win her more securely by appealing to her sense of romance. She began: "That young man who had lunch and dinner with us..."


      "Dere Annabel: We're movin' on Murphysboro,