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      Esmeralda was about to pass him, but he stopped her with a question.

      Halloo, Ralda! said Taffy. Who have you got there; looks like a new chum? He put the question without the slightest regard to the presence of the subject of his inquiry.[10]

      Nothing, said Varley, languidly. I want eighteen pence to pay a man whos hard up."Sit down by me, Martindon't stop meI must tell youallthe truth."

      She trembled; she was face to face with a terrible situation.I am Esmeralda of Three Star Camp, she said; that is all.

      As she passed along the corridor she paused at the door of the dukes room and for a moment the unnatural calmness of her face wavered and broke up, as it were.

      The struggle that was going on within the womans mind was clearly depicted on her face. She hesitated for another moment, then she said in a voice of affected carelessness:

      And Esmeraldathis lady? asked Trafford, with a tightening of the lips.




      We didnt to-night, said Norman. The conversation was rather limited to one subject.Liliass face crimsoned.