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      On hearing that there was a child, our client, Mr. Gordon Chetwynde, executed a will, leaving the whole of his immense and colossal fortune to her.

      Whats yer name, stranger? he asked.THIS fearful shock brought on so violent an attack of illness that Paulines friends feared for her reason. Her aunt nursed her with the deepest affection, her husband arrived to comfort her with his love and sympathy, and the anxiety about Rosalie gave her a new object of interest. The Duke went to see the Princesse de Broglie, who had just come to the neighbourhood from France; she knew nothing; but a smuggler was found who knew all the paths of the Jura, and who was willing to go to Franche Comt, promising not to return without knowing the fate of Mme. de Grammont.

      "Ifif you are not a very foolish person, and there is[Pg 207] any foundation for your absurd idea, Captain Hulbert will know where to find us. He can spread his wings and follow.""Pray don't be angry with me, Martin, so soon," she pleaded meekly.

      He knew that in this desire he exceeded the teaching of churchmen; that another priest in his place might have bade her keep her sad secret to the end, he down with it in her early grave, be remembered as a saint, yet die knowing herself a sinner. If he had thought of the husband's peace first, he would have counselled silence. But he thought most of this stricken soul, with wings that spread themselves towards heaven, held down to earth by the burden of an unpardoned sin.


      DAlembert was one of the most constant and intimate habitus of the salon of Mme. Geoffrin, then the stronghold of the philosophers and encyclop?dists, as that of the Duchesse de Luxembourg was of the aristocratic beau monde.Tu ne me tutoies plus! and of her answer



      It was after the usual luncheon hour before Martin Disney went back to the Angler's Nest. He had been for a long walk by the river, trying to walk down the devil that raged within him, before he could trust himself to go home. His wife was alone in the drawing-room, sitting by the fire with her baby in her lap; but this time he did not pause on the threshold to contemplate that domestic picture. There was no tenderness in the eyes which looked at his wifeonly a stern determination. Every feature in the familiar face[Pg 181] looked strange and rigid, as in the face of an accuser and judge.