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      Yes? said Esmeralda; and her coolness and absence of vanity made, strangely enough, Lady Adas dislike more vivid.

      Yes, I think I know, said Lady Wyndover. And I think wed better go down to Madame Cerise at once. We might go this afternoon; that is, if you are not tired. Perhaps youd like to go and lie down for a little while.

      Liliass face crimsoned.It was a lovely spring day, and as she looked at the trees and listened to the birds, she thought, very naturally, of Three Star and the folk she had left behind her. She had already written to Varley Howard, and was wondering how soon she could get an answer. She wanted to know how they all were, and if they missed her. Twice in the curiously spelled letter she had reminded her old guardian of his promise to take her back if she should be unhappy.

      The duke patted Traffords hand.

      Esmeralda, listen to me; I understand now; I know all you feel. I will not ask you who told youhow you discovered the truth. It is the truthpartly. Esmeralda, it was the desire of the moneyand I curse it now as you dothat led me to yield.

      I told you so, he said. You call yourself a clever man, Mr. Varley Howard; I call yer a fool to think that we should bring the gal here where yer could foller her. I tell ye we know nothin about er. Most like shes gone back to England, where she come from.


      He sighed at the destruction of his unreasonable hope.


      She had loved himloved him! Her heart had thrilled whenever he came near her. She had loved him so dearly, so truly, that she would have laid down her life for him. Why, if he had come to her and told her that it was her money and not herself he wanted, she would have given him every penny and gone back to Three Star and her old poverty without a murmur! Oh, why could he not have done so!He was tall and dark, with a slight mustache, and very dark eyesa very handsome man. He was civil enough, and thanked me all he knew. I think he was a bit ashamed of her.


      Wish her dead! he said, grimly. She has chosen a life worse than death!Lady Wyndover, I am sorry I startled you. Please forgive me!