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      He sat beside Johnson, the driver, with his arms folded tightly, his brows knit, and Johnson glanced at him now and again, and then whistled softly to his horses. He did not know what to make of him. A question trembled on Traffords lips, and at last he put it.

      She was sobbing as if her heart would break as they rode back to the hut, for the mighty torrent of love which had been poured out upon her had swept away her power of self-restraint. But not even Varley guessed that her tears were caused not only by the reception which had been accorded her, but by that aching love for Trafford which still throbbed through her whole heart.XXIX A CASTAWAY ROSE

      "To vouch you!" broke in the aide-de-camp. "That will be Steve Mandeville!" Constance sublimely approved. As the three Callenders moved to leave the room one way and the three captains another, Anna seized the hands of Flora and her grandmother.Trafford and Esmeralda are coming home, my dear, he said, composedly.


      You are not likely to meet her, he said, gravely. Lady Ada left England before we returned. She is living on the Continent.[184]


      He did not want the duke to hear of Lady Druces illness too suddenly, for very little upset the old man now. Norman would break the news in a letter directly he reached The Manor. But as he went down-stairs he thought he would tell Trafford, and he knocked at his door; but no answer came, and after waiting and knocking again, he went down, thinking it strange that Trafford, who, he knew, was generally so light a sleeper, should not have heard him. He got some breakfast hastily. No one appeared to be up, and he longed, lover-like, for a word with Lilias; even Esmeralda would have been something.


      Esmeralda and Norman heard the cry, and both turned their heads in his direction, but he was completely hidden behind the rocks, and they saw nothing of him.