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      and it was she who, as they crossed Calliope street, first espied the rear of the procession, in column of fours again, it was she who flashed tears of joy as they whirled into Erato street to overtake the van and she was first to alight at the station.

      My name is HowardVarley Howard, said Varley.

      Wherever she is, she must have heard of my fathers death. If she had not gone off with Norman she would have written, telegraphedcome back as fast as horses, trains, could bring her.He knelt down beside the hammock, and his hand went out toward hers; but he drew it back; he did not dare to touch her.

      Melitta fastened the purple fillet tighter around her black locks, removed the upper garment worn over her red-bordered dress, and told the slave to carry it into the house; then, leaning forward, she put the swing in motion.

      CHAPTER XLIV.She had moved slightly, and the pillow had slipped a little. He noticed this, and instinctively he stretched out his hand to put it in its place, to make her more comfortable, as he would have done in the past; then he remembered, and let his hand fall to his side again; but the displaced pillow harassed him.[345] Surely, he might put it straight before he went? He would do it very gentlyperhaps she would not shrink from him.



      He began again: "Ladies and gentlemen and comrades in arms!" and pulled his moustache, and smote and rubbed his brow, and suddenly drove his hand into an inside pocket and snatched out a slip of paper. But what should come trailing out with it but a long loop of ribbon! As he pushed it back he dropped the paper, which another whiff of wind flirted straight over his head, sent it circling and soaring clear above Moody's store and dropped it down upon the roof. And there gazed Anna and all that multitude, utterly blank, until the martyr himself burst into a laugh. Then a thousand laughs pealed as one, and he stood smiling and stroking back his hair, till his men began to cry, "song! song!"The walk home from the fountain was very different from usual.


      The sleepy Pelasgians opened their eyes and several recognized the Cychrean leader.