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      "But you" Norma began.

      Shorty nodded assent."You don't have to worry," Dodd said. "Nobody's doing anything to her. Not right now, anyhow. Inot right now."

      "Yes, sir," blubbered Pete. "And they are always losin' us, particularly me, durn 'em. Spite of all I kin say to 'em they'll lose me, durn their skins."

      Chapter 2

      "If you don't go off and leave them boys alone I'll belt you over the head with my gun," said Si, raising his musket."I declare," said a big Wagonmaster, as the General galloped off, "if that old Gump Sherman don't beat the world. He not only knows where every regiment in his whole army is located, but I believe he knows every man in it. He's a far-reacher, I tell you."

      "If you don't take that nubbin loaf away and put a full one in its place, not a speck o' lean meat 'll you getnothin' but fat six inches thick."


      TO: Fred Ramsbotham"There's rebels over there, sure as you're born,"' murmured Jim to them, without turning his head to relax his fixed gaze nor taking his finger from the trigger of his cocked gun. "Wish they'd fire a gun first to convince that old terror of a Corpril, who thinks he kin tell where rebels is just by the smell. I'd"



      "'O why when we loved like the swallows in April,