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      Dara fell silent and Cadnan watched her nervously. But he had no chance to speak: she began again, convulsively."You've got to tell me."

      "I hope you ain't hurt, Orderly," said Si, dropping the butt of his musket on the ground, and wiping his flushed face. "I thought that officer was goin' to git you, sure."

      "I've brought itit's here by the bed."

      "You can't help him, child," Dr. Haenlingen said. Her eyes were closed: she looked as if she were preparing, at last, for death. "You feel too closely for him: you can't see him clearly enough to know what help he needs."

      "I can," Marvor said without raising his voice. "Wait and you will see. Soon we will be free. Very soon now."


      "Pete's plea is sound," contraverted the legal-minded Monty Scruggs. "All men are equal before the law, though they mayn't be a foot high. Rations are a matter of law, and the law's no respecter of persons."


      A rebel brigade was rapidly preparing to charge. It stretched out far beyond the flanks of the regiment."Well, if you'd seen us bustin' your old friend Long-street at Snodgrass Hill, you'd seen some hefightin'. We learned him that he wasn't monkeyin' with the Army o' the Potomac, but with fellers that wuz down there for business, and not to wear paper collars and shine their buttons. He come at us seven times before we could git that little fact through his head, and we piled up his dead like cordwood."


      "No, he's quite the young gorilla. Now I must be off, Tilly. I'll write to you."