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      Do! said the young fellow. Therell be a fearful crush, for Miss Chetwynde will be a great attraction; but I dare say we can fight our way in.

      [Pg 286]

      They stopped at Puy, where they found awaiting them at the inn a certain old Dr. Sauzey, who had been born on an estate of M. de Beaune, and cherished a deep attachment for the Montagu family. He still practised in the neighbourhood where he attended the poor for nothing, knew every man, woman, and child for miles round, was beloved by them all, and very influential among them. He knew all the peasants and country people who had bought land belonging to the Montagu family, and had so lectured and persuaded them that numbers now came forward and offered to sell it back at a very moderate price. The good old doctor even advanced the money to pay them at once, and having settled their affairs in Vlay they passed on to Auvergne.

      Nobody took any notice of this remark; and the conversation which had become general for a minute or two resumed its duologue form.


      She said nothing, but drew her arm through his and led him into the hut.


      "I am so sorry; but you must not be worried about it,"[Pg 156] said Hulbert, kindly, seeing the growing distress in her countenance. "We will not go in for fishingor excursionsbut you and Miss Leland will at least come to afternoon tea on the Vendettato afternoon tea in the harbour. There used to be a comic song when I was a boy'Come and drink tea in the arbour.' You must come to the arbour with an aspirate. It is not so rustic or sentimentalbut there will be no earwigs or creeping things to drop into your tea-cup. Mr. Colfox, you will come, won't you?"


      "To Major Disney, Cornwall Fusiliers, Rangoon.Let me go to you at once. I am miserable. My heart will break if you leave me here."