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      "Where had you beenwith whom?" he repeated, while her lips moved mutely, quivering as in abject fear. "Great God! why can't you answer? Why do you look such a miserable, degraded creatureself-convictednot able to speak one word in your own defence?"Only a few hours ago, said Norman. You can see that, I should think, he added, laughingly, as he looked down at his rough and well-worn traveling-suit. I came back quite suddenly. I made up my mind not to come, you know, until Id made my fortune. He laughed shyly. Im afraid if Id waited for that, I should have never seen you or old England again.

      Burial follows death with dreadful swiftness in that southern land, and the earth closed over Isola before noon of the day after her death.

      As she had said, there was no reason why the wedding should not take place at an early date; indeed, there was every reason, on Traffords side, for a speedy marriage; the million was sadly wanted at Belfayre.Her only answer was to bend her head down to kiss the hands that clasped her own.

      The girl was very fairlike a china ornamentwith blue eyes, and a smile that freezes you"Have you pretty cabins?" she asked childishly.



      "Oh yes, I should. My sister is a very light sleeper. She would come to me in a moment, and she has a great deal of influence with my wife."